Cambodia Outlook Conference (COC)


Sustaining Development in a Fractious Post-COVID World

This panel will focus on the big picture ways in which the global and regional economy is changing and the challenges and opportunities this presents for development. This includes digital transformation, the future of globalisation and regional integration, climate change and environmental pressures, financing development, and how geopolitics is shaping all of these. Speakers will discuss what the new “normal” looks like and what this means for how governments, business, civil society, and donors need to think about development strategy.

How Can Cambodia Continue to Succeed after COVID-19?

This panel will discuss how well Cambodia’s post-Covid development strategy performs. What were its strengths and weaknesses? What are the implications of Covid-19 and the emerging post-Covid world for Cambodia’s future development strategy? What is reasonably clear and what requires further thought? Finally, how can government, business, civil society, and development partners work together to navigate the uncertain development outlook?

Priorities for Revitalising Cambodia’s Development Model

This panel discussion will center on how Cambodia can not only sustain rapid developmental progress but also shift towards higher quality development, especially through strengthening the public health system, achieving more sustainable and inclusive agricultural development, improving human resources, digital and technological innovation, and industrial upgrading to modernize Cambodia’s economy. The discussion will focus on what is needed in terms of both immediate priority actions and longer-term strategic directions.